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Another Side Of Maui Tours


F13131014In the heart of Maui, within the hallows of this scared and magical place stands a Island, buzzing within the energy and excitement of one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

What are we about? We are about taking our guests beyond the typical tourist experiences in Maui. We offer unique tours that are guaranteed to shorten your bucket list items in extraordinarily fun and unique ways. We were founded by our CEO Kenneth Lippman in 2007 and since then we have gained the reputation as the most preeminent tour company in all the world.

Soak up some solid knowledge with a modern take, enjoy the history, and book our resort-style luxury tours. Discover a new level of fun and green transportation on our World Famous Tours, or discover the our city in the comfort of a Private Tour or by hosting a Corporate Event with us. We pride ourselves in offering our tours and welcoming everyone like family.

We do not just produce unforgettable experiences, we produce lifelong friendships and memories. Please feel free to contact us with your requests below. It will be our distinct honor and privilege to host you. Bon Voyage!

Proud Members of:
Hawai'i Wildlife Fund
The Ocean Conservancy
Maui Chamber of Commerce
The Hawai'i Tourism Authority
The Hawai'i Concierge Association
The Hawai'i Bee Keepers Association