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F13131014The Definition of Beer:

1. alcoholic beverage(s) usually made from malted cereal grain (as barley), flavored with hops, and brewed by slow fermentation
2. a carbonated nonalcoholic or a fermented slightly alcoholic beverage with flavoring from roots or other plant parts
3. fermented mash

If you are on Maui and if you happen to enjoy beer, then you absolutely need to experience our award winning breweries. Come enjoy the best tour company, the best breweries, and the finest beer in on Maui. Let our connections be yours for the experience of a lifetime. We love beer and we love sharing this passion with you!

To all of our future guests: Cheers, L’chaim, Prost, Saúde, Salud, Salute, Santé, Cin Cin, Å’kålè ma’luna, 乾杯

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