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Another Side Of Maui Tours



Maui is an outdoor lovers paradise complimented by miles of superb hiking trails. Enhance your mind, body, and spirit on a challenging hike through 10-40 foot dazzling waterfalls and magical rainforests.

Our hikes take you through hidden paths that lead you to views of majestic, natural beauty that can only be seen on these trails. Breathe in the fresh ocean air, and get lost in the sensation of exhilaration in becoming one with your mind, body, spirit, and the land.

Love the place you are at, and make sure to bring your camera. Another Side Of Maui Tours will show the real beauty of this incredible city.

Proud Members of:
Hawai'i Wildlife Fund
The Ocean Conservancy
Maui Chamber of Commerce
The Hawai'i Tourism Authority
The Hawai'i Concierge Association
The Hawai'i Bee Keepers Association