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Another Side Of Maui Tours


At Another Side Of Maui Tours we make every guest feel like the most important person in the world. As a concierge on Maui, we know that you take pride in delivering the best service possible too.

To make the booking process easy, we ask that you please sign-up by completing the form below to become one of our partners today. You will then be a member of our Another Side Tours Concierge Program. You will also receive a full concierge package so you can have our menu of tours at your fingertips. We will also send you frequent email updates so you can learn more about our variety of luxury tours.

Our system is easy to use. You can easily book any tour by calling us to book at 1-877-311-TOUR (8687), or filling out our form.

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Proud Members of:
Hawai'i Wildlife Fund
The Ocean Conservancy
Maui Chamber of Commerce
The Hawai'i Tourism Authority
The Hawai'i Concierge Association
The Hawai'i Bee Keepers Association